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The rapid growth of globalization and internet is blurring the distances. People are exploring multiple countries for business or just to explore other countries. When you travel usually, you need particular forex card to make hassle-free payments.

What is Forex Card?

Forex Card is particular card that allows you to load multiple foreign currencies. Forex card is a convenient, easy, hassle-free payment method for foreign travel. You reload your forex card with 18 currency .You can carry one currency card without any conversion loss of 3.5% .

Zenith Forex Online provides a complete solution to reload your forex card with multiple currencies. Our services enable you to get an ideal travel card for your abroad trip. In this forex card, you can reload foreign currencies to make your travel easy and hassle-free. This forex cards remove all the financial barriers from your trip.

Why Zenith Forex Online

1. International Admittance
Zenith Forex Online has worldwide access so that you can reload your card with multiple currencies where you want to travel. We've covered almost all VISA ,MASTERCARD ATM’S & merchants across the globe and you can access instant cash from anywhere as well.

2. Secure
Nobody carries cash due to safety and security issues. Forex card gives you the freedom to go cashless during journey. You can access the cash through your forex card. Forex card secure your cash with a specific chip and a PIN that protects your cash withdrawal from thieves.

3. Safe from Exchange Rates Fluctuation
At the time of overseas trip, you may face lots of trouble if you’re running short of cash across the world. In foreign countries, finding is forex vendor is all about paying excessive amount of money for your money exchange. Forex card gives you the freedom from being worried about fluctuating the rates of forex exchange and also the troubles of finding forex vendor.

4. Easy to Reload
If you’re having forex card with you, it becomes easy to manage cash issues anywhere. You can reload your forex card by visiting our website and choose the option of Reload Forex Card, you’ll get the steps to reload your forex card easily. On the other hand, you can visit the nearest Zenith Forex Online branch along with the required documents with you and get your forex card reloaded.


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